Author Bio

Marie C. Taylor, lives in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts with her husband, Dick tenEyck, and Kelley, their 10 year old Golden Retriever.

Marie, Kelley, and DickTaylor first visited Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park when her sister and brother-in-law moved to Surry, Maine in the early 1970’s. Her brother-in-law worked for a local airline which generously provided relatives free rides, space permitting, to visit their airline employed relatives in Maine.

Her sister and brother-in-law’s home was a spacious apartment in a large house which overlooked Contention Cove in Surry. When Taylor came to visit, a trip over to Acadia was often on the itinerary, as was a lobster dinner. They usually bought the lobsters at a small general store in Salisbury Cove and then headed back home to eat them at the apartment.

When Taylor and her husband married in the early ’80’s, she thought it would be fun to introduce him to Maine. They stayed in a little cottage on Salisbury Cove, since Taylor had remembered the area as being very pretty and also just a short ride from Acadia National Park and the town of Bar Harbor. They have been returning to the area every year since to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Things have changed, however, over the years. The house where her sister and brother-in-law lived became an inn. The general store in Salisbury Cove was converted into condominiums. But, best of all, from Taylor’s point of view, insulation was added to the little cottage at Edgewater Motel and Cottages in Salisbury Cove where she and her husband stay. Now, even on those really cold Maine nights, it is toasty warm inside!

About Kelley

Kelley on the 4th of JulyKelley is a Golden Retriever and her full name is “ten Eyck’s Osterville Kelley by the Sea.” She was born in West Falmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts and gets to see a lot of her brother Coby, since he belongs to the author’s niece Diana, who lives nearby. For Diana, Kelley and Coby are very special, since they are the great niece and nephew of her family dog Buddy, who lived to the ripe old “Golden” age of 16.

On one of Kelley’s first trips to the vet, Taylor recalls that the vet remarked that it looked like Kelley was Taylor’s husband’s dog. Initially a bit insulted, Taylor has come to recognize that maybe the vet was onto something! If Kelley has the choice of going with her or her husband, she will choose her husband. Maybe it is because he is the one that takes Kelley for a run in the woods the first thing in the morning and then gives her breakfast!

Kelley has lots of places she enjoys in Acadia and on Mount Desert, among them are the west meadow at Little Long Pond. She loves playing ball and she is expert at finding any balls that other dogs have left behind! She enjoys being off-leash and leaping through the grasses until the ball gets lost and left behind for the next dog!

The cover photo on the book is Kelley on Cadillac Mountain.