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Doggy Walks Title
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in and around Acadia National Park!

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Little Long Pond - West Meadow

Little Long Pond can also be explored by starting on the west side of the pond. The west side has grassy carriage roads and a large, expansive meadow where your dog can run off-leash. To reach the area from Seal Harbor, drive west on Route 3. The parking area is marked by a sign and is located on the right side of Route 3, about .3 miles past the gate area for the east (boathouse) side of the pond. The lot has room for only 12 cars, so you might consider taking the Island Explorer shuttle bus (page 13) if you are visiting during the summer months.

As you drive into the circular parking lot, a gravel path will be on the east side of the circle. This is start of the Friends Path. As you follow this path, you will soon reach a grassy carriage road. If you like, you can take this carriage road to the left and explore the maze of carriage roads in this area by referring to the maps on pages 32 and 36. We prefer to continue straight and follow the Friends Path. (If you were to take a right, you would reach Route 3.)

Sign for Friends PathAfter following the Friends Path for about 5 minutes you will be in an open area and here the path forks. The signs direct you left to the west meadow or right (via stone steps) to the south end of Little Long Pond. Here, we like to go left towards the west meadow. As you walk, signs are posted asking you to stay on the path in order to protect the fragile moss which is growing on the flat rocks. In about 5 more minutes you will reach a wide, intersecting trail. Take a right onto this trail and head down the hill to the main carriage road. When you reach the carriage road, turn right. As you walk, you will notice an entry path to the west meadow on your left. Once in the meadow, your dog can run or just roll in the grass and you can enjoy the view over the pond towards the boathouse. It makes a perfect picture and is a nice place to stop and sit for a while.

After relaxing, you and your dog can return to the carriage road and continue walking towards the left and the south end of the pond. In about 5 minutes, you will reach stone steps and on your right. The Friends sign here will direct you up the steps and to where the path had originally forked. This time at the fork, you would take the Friends Path that leads you back to the parking lot.

If you have not yet explored the east side of Little Long Pond, you may wish to continue walking instead of taking the stone steps. If so, you would want to refer to the map on page 32.

Note. Carriage road markers 33 and 34 may no longer have numbers attached to their posts.

All chapters in the book include an easy to follow map.